VIDA Connect

Experience seamless maritime network management with our all-in-one ecosystem, where software and hardware converge to meet your specific needs.

Stay Connect

Explore intuitive tools tailored for maritime connectivity, ensuring smooth sailing for your wireless networks and beyond.

Prioritize Security

VIDA Connect is designed to safeguard your operations across diverse maritime environments.

Effortless Management

Simplify your maritime network management with our efficient unified cloud-based platform.


Where Hardware Meets Software

Take the guessing out of maritime connectivity. A VIDA Connect integration delivers scalable network management solutions.

VIDA Connect Server

Monitoring of your network 24/7/365. Proprietary software empowers VIDA’s support team to proactively monitor your onboard network, conduct remote troubleshooting and updates, and swiftly escalate issues when needed.

VIDA Connect EdgeOS

Experience seamless network management across diverse maritime environments.

VIDA Connect Portal

Get unified control with a cloud-based platform for centralized network management.

VIDA Connect Remote

Automate your remote network management processes for enhanced efficiency.

VIDA Connect App

Stay connected and continue to manage everything On-The-Go.

VIDA Connect EdgeOS

Experience maritime connectivity like never before with VIDA Connect EdgeOS, powering every network node within our ecosystem. Take control of your network with frontend management of physical interfaces and customizable configuration of network parameters, including innovative WAN controls for satellite, 5G/LTE, WiFi, and hardwired sources. Benefit from local control capabilities for swift configuration of security rules, Quality of Service (QoS) using deep packet inspection, and VLAN setup, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your needs.

VIDA Connect Portal

Get a bird’s view of an entire fleet using the interactive mapping.

Gain a comprehensive overview of your fleet with VIDA Connect Portal’s interactive mapping feature. From website management to trend analysis and inventory control, our portal simplifies network management tasks. With advanced features like quota control and seamless integration with Starlink Cloud, VIDA Connect Portal offers a centralized, intuitive interface for efficient network management. Adapt quickly to changing network demands while maintaining peak performance across your operations.

VIDA Connect App

Stay connected and in control with VIDA Connect App, accessible from anywhere in the world via your iOS or Android device. Monitor and manage devices in your fleet effortlessly, with quick access to metrics for enhanced troubleshooting. Make on-the-go adjustments to device settings, including activation, bandwidth throttling, and detailed WAN/LAN configurations, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

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VIDA Connect Remote

Experience the power of automation with VIDA Connect Remote, revolutionizing remote network connectivity and management. Seamlessly add connections and establish one-click connectivity to physical systems from anywhere in the cloud. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional remote management protocols – VIDA Connect Remote simplifies the process, reducing operational costs and enhancing efficiency. Empower your IT team to manage network infrastructure effortlessly, making flexible, scalable network management a reality.

VIDA Connect Server

Discover VIDA Connect Server, the comprehensive solution for managing and securing networks with multiple WAN sources and user groups. Experience peace of mind knowing your network is in capable hands, supported by a robust system designed to meet the unique challenges of maritime connectivity.


Manage up to 12 WAN sources and over 30 LAN networks


Cloud Managed, powerful user interface with Real- TimeMetering and Analytics


Combine and control WAN sources with Advanced Routing and Bandwidth Bonding


Protect and Secure Network Integrity with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Traffic Policies, and VPN


Compact, Fanless
Rack or VESA mount

WAN Management: Supports up to 12x WAN sources
LAN Interface: 6x GE ports, additional 4x GE ports using USB expansion
Network Configurability: Up to 500 Clients, 30 VLAN Networks; Stateful
Firewall Compute Power: Intel i3 Dual Core 7020 at 2.3 GHz; 8 GB RAM, 128 GB
Storage Expansion: 4x USB 3.0 ports – GE or 10GE ethernet; 5G modem adapter supported
Cooling: Passive, Fanless – Silent Mounting: Standalone / VESA / Rack mount kit available
Power: +12VDC (50W Max); 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz (AC/DC
Power Supply Included)
Physical: 6.1” x 5” x 2.1” / 15.5 x 12.7 x 5.3 cm – 2.25 lbs / 1 kg
Environmental: Operating temp: -10 to +50 C; Humidity up to 95%, non-condensing
Warranty: 1 year limited

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Need a connectivity solution for your fleet? Have a question for our engineers? We would love to hear from you, contact us and our team will get back to you shortly.

Contact us

Need a connectivity solution for your fleet? Have a question for our engineers? We would love to hear from you, contact us and our team will get back to you shortly.