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Located in Santander, Spain, engineering, management, and sales teams work together in ERZIA’s several businesses.


An award-winning, state-of-the-art facility serving Vida’s clients around the world.


Multilingual engineers providing client support 24/7/365.

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Where our people come together to dream, create, and deliver the most reliable solutions.

Located in the beautiful city of Santander, near the University of Cantabria, Vida’s headquarters are situated within the ERZIA Group’s building, where our teams meet to engineer unique products and solutions. People are at the core of ERZIA’s values, and our headquarters reflect that spirit with open spaces, modern furnishings, and a themed lunchroom.


Awarded by the World Teleport Association 5 years in a row, The Santander Teleport is at the top of its category.

An ERZIA joint venture, Santander Teleport was inaugurated in 2010 and has been serving Vida clients around the world since then. The teleport has 25 antennas ranging from 3 to 15 meters in diameter, transmitting Ku, C, and X band to maritime, aviation, and military customers around the globe. (Link to the teleport site to open on another window).

Network Operations Center (NOC)

We stay awake so you can sleep soundly knowing your vessel’s connectivity is being monitored.

Vessels’ operations never stop, a superyacht owner watching his team play a live match cannot wait for buffering. That is why we provide 24/7/365 VIP client support. What else can you expect from a company known for its reliability? We pride ourselves in hiring only experienced certified engineers to provide world-class support when our clients need it most.

Contact us

Need a connectivity solution for your fleet? Have a question for our engineers? We would love to hear from you, contact us and our team will get back to you shortly.